Roadshow EMEA

Join us for the second year running as we travel across EMEA to give you a deeper dive into industry trends, product-focused sessions, access to Zendesk experts and customers — all at your fingertips.

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Coming to a city near you

  • Dublin (May. 16th)
  • London (Feb. 27th)
  • London (Apr. 4th)
  • Manchester (Apr. 11th)
  • Gothenburg (Feb. 26th)
  • Stockholm (Apr. 11th)
  • Copenhagen (Apr. 30th)
  • Lille (Mar. 12th)
  • Frankfurt (May. 7th)
  • Dusseldorf (May. 9th)
  • Munich (May. 15th)
  • Hamburg (May. 16th)
  • Berlin (May. 21st)
  • Stuttgart (May. 23rd)
  • Tel Aviv (Mar. 14th)
  • Rome
  • Milan (Apr. 11th)
  • Malta (May. 7th)
  • Warsaw (May. 23rd)
  • Moscow (Apr. 25th)
  • Barcelona (Mar. 21st)
  • Amsterdam (Mar. 5th)
  • Utrecht (May. 8th)
  • Ireland

    Dublin (May. 16th)

  • United Kingdom

    London (Feb. 27th)

    London (Apr. 4th)

    Manchester (Apr. 11th)

  • Sweden

    Gothenburg (Feb. 26th)

    Stockholm (Apr. 11th)

  • Denmark

    Copenhagen (Apr. 30th)

  • France

    Lille (Mar. 12th)

  • Germany

    Frankfurt (May. 7th)

    Dusseldorf (May. 9th)

    Munich (May. 15th)

    Hamburg (May. 16th)

    Berlin (May. 21st)

    Stuttgart (May. 23rd)

  • Israel

    Tel Aviv (Mar. 14th)

  • Italy


    Milan (Apr. 11th)

  • Malta

    Malta (May. 7th)

  • Poland

    Warsaw (May. 23rd)

  • Russia

    Moscow (Apr. 25th)

  • Spain

    Barcelona (Mar. 21st)

  • The Netherlands

    Amsterdam (Mar. 5th)

    Utrecht (May. 8th)

Why attend?

Your customers are comparing you to the best customer experience they’ve ever had—every time. It’s a powerful truth with far-reaching consequences for your business, no matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business.

With the Zendesk Benchmark, our data index of 45,000 companies across the globe using Zendesk, we explored how top companies tackle customer support to identify what separates leaders from everyone else.

Join us as we share with you the importance of customer experience—the trends shaping 2019, solutions you need – to keep up with the pace of customer expectations, as well as real-life customer case studies. The best part, you also have the chance to network with industry peers and Zendesk leaders.

Register today, however in the meantime, why not learn more by visiting to see how you benchmark against the very best.


Zendesk customers - new and existing and industry professionals are all welcome. Attendees typically include CTOs, CIOS, Heads of Departments such as Customer Experience, HR, IT as well as Manager level from support, marketing and many, many more. We can’t capture all your titles, so everyone will find something valuable to them. This is your opportunity to learn how to take your customer experience to the next level, regardless of channel.

Select a country from the map above to highlight which cities are part of our Roadshow series. Then you are a click away from the registration page and a world of knowledge about omnichannel customer experience.

Any cities on our Roadshow are free of charge to attend.

After you register, you will receive an email confirmation including a link to update your registration information.

Since the event is free of charge, there is no cancellation policy, but as this is an intimate event with limited numbers, we ask you to please email us if you can’t attend. This process will vary by city.

When you register, please specify any dietary requirements. We will be sure to cater for your requirements.